Additional Quality Wood Alternatives

OIS&Associates LLC has acquired additional wood alternatives for our clients in the form of chips and blocks. As a company, we continue to strive to provide innovative, cost effective, high quality and unique wood adjuncts for our alcoholic beverage producers.

OIS&Associates and
Fine Northern Oak

Part of Seguin Moreau Group, Fine Northern Oak has more than a decade of experience in American oak alternatives, sourcing top-quality fine grain white oak and designing products for targeted extraction rates. Working with leading stave companies, who are renowned for their barrel-quality wood. An extra-long seasoning of more than two years and a gentle, extended toasting process are the key elements of the successful range. Thanks to its decade of experience in sourcing high quality wood for the American oak range, FNO is able to provide a selection of qualitative products in species such as French Oak and Acacia wood. These products are produced exclusively for OIS&Associates clients in South America, Central America & Caribbean.